Create a React Blog Site | Beginner Project for Jr. Devs

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We’ll build this webpage out of 6 components.

[  {    title: ``,    subtitle: ``,    images: [``],    primary_asset: ``,    copywrite: [``, ``]  },  {    title: ``,    subtitle: ``,    images: [ ],    primary_asset: ``,    copywrite: [ ]  }]


Our container for our blog posts.

  1. A site header.
<div className=”blog_page”>  <div className=”site_header”>  </div>  <div className=”page_name”>  </div>  <div className=”container”>    <div className=”left_side”>      <div className=”blog_posts”>      </div>    </div>    <div className=”right_side”>      <div className=”blog_index”>      </div>    </div>  </div></div>


Each post we make is contained within this component.

<div className=”blog_post”>  <div className=”section section1">    // TITLE  </div>  <div className=”section section2">    // COPYWRITE  </div>  <div className=”section section3">    // GALLERY  </div>  <div className=”section section4">    // COPYWRITE  </div>  <div className=”section section5">    // MAIN ASSET (VIDEO OR IMAGE)  </div></div>


We’re going to take a piece of copy-write and add two visual flairs.

<div ref={CopyWriteRef} dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html: 
useEffect(() => {  const copywrite = CopyWriteRef.current;  if (copywrite.getBoundingClientRect().height > text_threshold) { = `${text_threshold}px`; = ‘block’; = ‘block’;  }});


A simple CSS grid-styled DIV will create our image gallery.

.post_image_gallery {  width: fit-content;  height: fit-content;  max-height: calc((270px * 2) + 20px);  display: grid;  gap: 10px;  grid-template-rows: 270px;  grid-template-columns: repeat(2, 270px);  grid-auto-rows: 270px;  justify-content: center;  overflow-x: hidden;}


A simple DIV where we show an image or video (iframe embed).

primary_asset: `<iframe 
src=”" \
title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0"
allow=”accelerometer; \
autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-
in-picture” \
allowfullscreen></iframe>`<div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html: props.primary_asset}}></div>


The final component. Just a few lines to separate one post from another.

<div className=”separator”>  <i className=”fas fa-square-full”></i>  <i className=”fas fa-square-full”></i>  <i className=”fas fa-square-full”></i></div>

There is much more nuance to this project.

Create a React Blog Site | Beginner Project for Jr. Devs




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