Dynamically Load Markdown Files for markdown-to-jsx

I was fussing about how to display copy in one of my React components.

Instead of dealing with HTML divs, paragraphs, images, **tables**, etc.

I found a way to just import the .md (markdown) files I already have.

This process involves:

  • markdown-to-jsx
  • light knowledge of React state management & life-cycles; we’ll use hooks here
  • light knowledge of the JavaScript Fetch API (very light knowledge, don’t worry)

The first thing we’ll need is to organize the markdown files.


We include a custom auto-play slideshow and custom navigation bar.

We’ll build this webpage in 5 main sections.

1. Section 1 — our product logo and an image gallery

2. Section 2 — information about our product

3. Section 3 — accolades about our product

4. Section 4 — opportunities to buy our product

5. Section 5 —…

A basic component for your React arsenal

Let’s get the skeleton for our component written up. We’ll be using ‘react-router-dom’ and font awesome for this project.

<div className=”nav_bar”>  <div className=”icon_container menu_switch”>  </div>  <div className={`nav_container`}>    <div className=”icon_container logo”>    </div>    <ul className=”menu_items”>    </ul>  </div></div>

We have a place for our open/close menu button, a logo, and the menu…

React Parallax Website Design

We’ll build this webpage in 3 parts:

1. Top — the greeting for our customer

2. Middle — a place for information about our business’ mission

3. Bottom — a sign-up option and footer for information about our business

The Top.

All we’re going to do here is set a bunch of images in place and write a greeting.

<div className=”section1" ><img src=”./images/space.png” alt=”” className=”space-background”/><img src=”./images/earth.png” alt=”” className=”earth”/><img src=”./images/rocket.png” alt=”” className=”rocket-ship”/><img src=”./images/planet1.png” alt=””…

Copy some text, search for that text. Simple.

This tutorial uses a boilerplate Google Chrome Extension setup. If you want to know how to get that setup, check out our write-up here:

The Rundown

We’ll have a simple HTML page that allows our user to pick a search engine; this page will be the popup in our Chrome Extension.


Add parallax elements to your next web design.

Browse our Teachable courses.

The general solution we’re working with is this:

We are going to create an HOC (Higher Order Component).

It’s a function that’s going to take a JSX Element.

ex. higherOrderFunction(<div></div>)

It’s then going to return a JSX Component.

ex. ParallaxComponent

We’ll then render it to our page like this:


An Object Is A

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